90 Minute UX Maturity Consultation

    We will discuss the basic structure of your UX processes, tools, organizational structure, and personnel. By the end of the call you’ll have preliminary feedback about how to improve your UX Practise.

In-Depth UX Practise Assessment

  • Interview key personnel inside and outside of UX Group
  • Skills assessment of UX Staff
  • Study org structure
  • Study UX Design process within context of greater development process
  • Produce detailed PPT with findings and recommendations

8 Wk Mentorship and Career Development Program

  • Design discussions, critiques, and feedback
  • Reading selections and discussion
  • Soft skills assessment and development
  • Training in basic business thinking as it relates to Product Design
  • Work with employee on career planning and development
  • UX patent generation

Your Next Hire Package

  • Make recommendations about greatest need
  • Write or comment on Job Description
  • Development of company-specific Design Challenge (when needed)
  • Resume, portfolio, and Design Challenge assessment
  • Phone interviews
  • In-depth Skype interview